Who Can Join

This page was last updated: July 20th, 2021

You are entitled to full library services if you are

  • NHS employed staff
  • Staff delivering NHS commissioned care
  • Student or academic members of Plymouth University (Faculty of Health and Social Work)
  • Student or academic members of Peninsula Dental School
  • Student or academic members of the University of Exeter Medical School
  • Students on placement
  • Hospice staff
  • SWASFT staff

Public/walk in access

In addition, limited access to the library is permitted for the general public.

Books and journals may be consulted within the library but may not be borrowed. However photocopies may be made, within the legal limit, at a cost of 5p per A4 sheet.

Access to library computers or the internet is not possible for anyone other than NHS employees or registered students. Internet access is provided through NHS or the University of Exeter or Plymouth University network, which is strictly limited for reasons of data security and confidentiality.

In addition, use of software and databases is regulated by licence agreements. Individuals wishing to use computers or the Internet are recommended to use the public library service.

Library staff are able to offer basic advice such as indicating where to look on the shelves or giving instructions on using the photocopier. However, extensive advice or assistance which would use staff time otherwise devoted to supporting core library users is not possible.

Alternatively you may wish to pay an annual fee to join the library. As an associate member you are entitled to borrow books from the library service. Contact us for further details.

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