Out of Hours Access

This page was last updated: August 2nd, 2021

Cornwall Health Library, Knowledge Spa

All Cornwall Health Library registered library users can apply for 24 hour access to the library in the Knowledge Spa.

How to obtain/activate your card

Out of hours application forms can be obtained from the Knowledge Spa library help desk. The completed form then needs to be taken to the Knowledge Spa main reception between the hours of 11am-12pm or 2pm-3pm to have your ID card set up for access.

If you are employed by the NHS in Cornwall but not by RCHT, you will need to complete an additional form in the library to apply for a staff ID card. This form will then need to be taken to the RCHT ID badge service which is staffed from 11am-1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and 2pm-4pm on Thursday. Once you have been given your ID card you can have it set up for out of hours access at the main Knowledge Spa reception.

Signing in

The route into the library is different from daytime access. After 5.30pm and at weekends, use the main entrance to the Knowledge Spa. You must sign in with the security guard behind the main reception desk.

Remember to bring your activated card and additional ID if you do not have an RCHT ID card, as the guard will not allow access to the building to anyone without the necessary card/ID.

Access to the library is via the staircase to the left of the cyber cafe.

Disabled access

Disabled access is available via the lift. Please visit the main reception and contact the security guard.


Toilets are located on the ground floor behind the main reception desk.


The Knowledge Spa has 24 hour security based at the main reception. Information on security and emergency procedures is prominently displayed. Please ensure you note this information before using the facilities.

Book Loans

Books can be borrowed and returned out of hours via the self-issue machine located next to the library office.

Cornwall Health Library, Banham House

All Cornwall Health Library registered library users are entitled to 24 hour access to the library at Banham House, Bodmin. To obtain a door access fob you will need to complete an out of hours access form.

How to obtain the fob

To obtain an access fob you need to be a registered member of the library. You must complete an out of hours request form available from the library. You will be responsible for the fob and a replacement fob may be at a charge of £2.

How to use the fob

Present the fob to the metal plate located to the right of the out of hours door. This will then release the lock for a short period. The door will lock behind you. Ensure that the door closes.
To exit the library out of hours use the door handle inside.


Toilets are located on the ground floor adjacent to the library via the internal door.


In an emergency contact Bodmin Hospital main reception on 01208 25 1300 for assistance.

If the fire alarm sounds, you must leave the building immediately.

In an emergency, if you feel personally threatened, there are 2 panic alarms in the library which will alert the police. They are white boxes on the wall beside the staff desk and by the noticeboard at the back of the library.

To activate the inaudible alarm, press in both buttons on one of the boxes.

Book loans

Registered library users can take books out of the library outside staffed hours.
Remove the book ticket from each book and print your name and library number on the ticket. Deposit each ticket into the security post box on the wood panel on the end of the book shelves. Stamp the inside of the book with the ‘date due’ stamp.

Return books by depositing them into the book returns box next to the library staff desk inside the library.


Computers are available for NHS staff. Printing is available at 5p/A4 sheet.
You will need an NHS username and password to log on to the machines.


Black and white copying costs 5p/A4.

Please contact the library staff if you have any further enquiries.

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