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Forsooth, therefore doth come another test of this ticker device, and lo, is this one not terribly verbose? For it is designed as a method to shakedown this construction in such a way as to to ascertain the functionality of form in the extremis of excessive verbiage, to whit where someone has entered a great many words upon the display so as to discover how well it handles me being a big silly and doing the clicky clacks on the keyboard a lot. Have I done enough typing yet? I’ll add a few long words. Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious. Antidisestablishmentarianism. Giraffe. Well, giraffe is not a long word, but it is a long creature, so that sort of counts? I think i’ve probably added enough random words here in order to fully test just how well this works, but another few wouldn’t hurt. Shall I go back to the faux shakesperian style I started in? AVAUNT! Here lyeth further vowels and consonants in tortured expression, but only in arrangement do they belie that the wordsmith doth merely pretend at his art, for lo, is there not a distinct lack of iambic pentameter? No attempt at haiku? Herein lies no art, no grace in this abuse of written language, and i think i’ve run out of silly things to type now. That was a fun stream of consciousness.

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