Journal Club Zone: Trainee Assistant Practitioners Year 2

This page has links to the full text of articles and other resources specific to the Trainee Assistant Practitioners Journal Club (Year 2)


TitleAuthor(s)SourceAccessQuestion Sheet
Case-control: Fast eating and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitusRadzevičienė, Lina; Ostrauskas, RytasClinical Nutrition; Apr 2013; vol. 32 (no. 2); p. 232-235OpenAthens ClinicalKeyCase control question sheet
Qualitative: Dirt and disgust as key drivers in nurses' infection control behavioursJackson, C; Griffiths PJournal of Hospital Infection; 2014; vol. 87 (no. 2); p. 71-76OpenAthens ClinicalKeyPaper discussed at Journal Club 6th Feb 2019



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