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Historical SSUs

Using our special collection to teach a medical school humanities project in Cornwall

Deborah Mogg gave a talk at last year’s CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Groups conference in Cardiff about how the library has been using its special collection of historical medical items to teach University of Exeter medical students during their SSU. Below is an account of the project published in the Rare Books and Special Collections Group (RBSCG) CILIP special interest group Spring newsletter.

Hospital sites in Cornwall

Objects from our collection


The call bell was an innovation of Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War of the 1850s.

She had based the idea on wealthy houses where the owners would use bells to summon servants.

She wrote: ‘Without a system of this kind, a nurse is converted to a pair of legs for running up and down the stairs’

This bell came from West Cornwall Hospital

Our library history

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