HDAS Alerts

This page was last updated: September 29th, 2021

What is an HDAS alert?

Once you have developed a search in Healthcare Database Advanced Search (HDAS) then you can set up regular alerts when articles relating to your topic are added to the databases.


How to set up alerts

  • Run your search topic on one of the databases at www.evidence.nhs.uk once you have logged in with your NHS Open Athens login.
  • Tick ALL the search lines that make up the final search strategy.
  • Select Save selected lines.
  • Give the search a name.
  • Select Save & Create Alert.
  • Complete the form as displayed, add the email address that you want the alert to be delivered to, along with the frequency.
  • Select Save Alert.

You can modify or delete saved alerts by clicking on Alerts (found near the top centre of the screen) when you log in again.

For more information on setting up HDAS alerts or for guidance on developing a search strategy contact the library.

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